LIcensing to the Greeting Card Industry

Joan Beiriger has written an article called "Licensing Art to the Greeting Card Industry." and makes 4 points about what manufacturers look for:

1. Generates the "ah" response,
2. is unique,
3. the style does not compete with another artist(s) style that the manufacturer is already licensing,* and
4. the artist has a body of work that can be put together into a cohesive collection.

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Nobleworks Looking for New Character

Noble Works Inc. is sponsoring a contest to develop and design an iconic, simply illustrated character, for consideration to be incorporated into the design of Noble Works' greeting cards. The winner will receive $500.

Entries should be sent to


Deadline for all contest submissions is Monday, March 8, 2010. The “What a Character!” contest winner will be announced by March 31, 2010, and will receive a $500 check.

Each contestant may submit up to 3 separate entries. All entries should be e-mailed to Ron Kanfi at with the words “What a Character! Contest” in the subject line of the e-mail, or by mail to Ron Kanfi c/o NobleWorks, 123 Grand street Hoboken, New Jersey 07030. Each submission must also include your full name, business name if any, mailing address, phone number and e-mail address. Failure to include this information will disqualify the contestant’s entry.

For more details, see contest webpage.

Top Ten Art Business Tweets

Barney Davey has a great blog and here's yet another example of one of his postings. See his blog more extensive art business info.

Here are the Top Ten most clicked of his tweets between September - December 2009. If you are want to get them right away, follow him here.

    1. Things a Gallery May Never Tell You
    2. Creative Art Marketing Idea - Bookmarks ~ this is a nifty idea!
    3. Ten Movies About Artists That Every Artist Should See
    4. An Interactive Web Presence ~self-tagging idea for photos at gallery opening. BRILLIANT IDEA!
    5. Art Blogging Etiquette 101: General Rules for Linking and Using Images @EmptyEasel
    6. Ten Steps to Extraordinary Success in Your Art and Business
    7. Licensing your Art – The Gift that Keeps on Giving
    8. Resources: 25 Best Art Gallery Sites :: Digital Image Magazine
    9. How to sell artwork online? attempt to answer the question of the year ~ Thought provoking & honest
    10. Five Ways to Promote Your Facebook Fan Page ~ some great suggestions here!

Writer Submissions Wanted for Calypso Cards

I wanted to pass along this posting:

Calypso Cards publishes sophisticated and innovative greeting cards and other products. We work with a handful of ghost writers who provide fresh, original copy that approaches the greeting card from a new angle. Generally the artwork is done after the text has been selected.
We are currently looking for writers for our Selfish Kitty line. This line has a loyal following and is contemporary, clever and edgy, although never mean, cruel or degrading – please keep the card sender and recipient in mind when writing. Selfish Kitty buyers tend to be college-educated, college-town or urban dwellers, women and men aged between 20 and 50. Please see our website to get an idea of what sells:

Calypso cards pays a flat fee of $50.00 for full copyright on complete, well-written card copy (both inside and outside text) with no editing necessary. After work is accepted for publication, a writer must sign a Calypso Cards Copyright Assignment Agreement.

We are looking for submissions for the following occasions: Birthday, Anniversary, Friendship/Love/Thinking of You, Get Well, Sorry, Baby, Thank You, Belated Birthday, New Home, Congratulations, Wedding, Retirement. We also publish some blank cards and other products such as refrigerator magnets and notebooks.

Do you have a Tag Line for your business?

Copyright © 2010 Kate Harper

Your tag line or business slogan should tell people what you do in about 5 words, and it should also be the subtitle of your website.

I asked artists on linkedin to send me their tag lines and here are some examples of how artists added taglines to their business:
  • Sarah J. Aubry -"Simplicity is Key"
  • Channelside Advertising & Design spells things out. "Concept to Completion".
  • Bobby Baker-Graphic Content Design "Artistic Discretion is Advised".
  • Scott Bain 'strategic. creative. inspiring.'
  • Lisa Youngdahl- "because your company's image is not a do-it-yourself project."
  • Jamie Berger-Cranky Pressman "The old letterpress printer getting it done online."
  • Tara Reed-For manufacturers "The art you need. The service you deserve."
  • Katherine Bjork-"Solutions made simple."
  • John Wantz-"Brand Behind Brands."
  • Ronald Davis-Writer, 'upfromsumdirt'
  • JS Graphics, Inc.'s focus is small business-"Crafted Communications for Small & Emerging Companies"
  • Bad Feather Inc. - a boutique print and web design shop. 'We're Only Getting Badder"

What's YOUR tagline? Leave comment below.
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