Use your Kindle to Learn About the Card Business

Every night in bed, I read all my favorite blogs on my's such a completely DIFFERENT experience than reading them online.

I actually "read" blogs on my kindle, versus just rushing through headlines in front of a computer. That's what I do when I'm on the web.

At first I thought "Why would anyone pay 99 cents a month to read a blog when it's free?"

Well, I realized that for just 3 cents a day, I can relax and read an entire article, without blinking ads coming at me and other things fighting to distract me. My neck is also less sore from sitting in front of the computer and I even found out that some blogs write 10-15 articles a day, but I've never see them because I only visit the blog once a week or randomly. How great it is to have all these articles flow into my kindle.

Blogs have passionate writers and because they are tied into specialized communities, their info is hot off the press. Also, topics I'm interested in are discussed, such as how artists use social media to sell their art. Rarely do I find newspapers or magazines that write about this specific subject.

I can clip articles for later reads (versus putting them into the twilight zone bookmark world), and if I feel the urge to click through a link in the article, I can do this on a kindle, but the great thing about kindle is it narrows down the noise coming at me when I'm surfing the web...where rarely I read a complete article.

See what you think and let me know. You can also subscribe to this Blog on a Kindle.

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John Ward said...

Is it 99 cents for all the blogs you want to read or 99 cents per blog?

Kate Harper said...

.99 per blog (some are 1.99) but you get 2 weeks free to try it out.

I think was converted me is that one night I read an article about a website that was "the best concept since google" about how artists, writers, creative people can fund their art projects on line. I never would have learned about that if I wouldn't have subscribed to a business blog that had an article about social media.

And unlike other subscriptions that allow you to test it out and you forget you signed up for them and then get billed -- you don't forget this because it's pouring into your kindle everday.

There are other services such as instapaper and kindlefeeder that do similar things...but you have to clip articles as you run across them and bundle them up and it's kind of a hassle. They are free but you might end up paying a transfer fee from amazon if they are too the end it seemed easier and more reliable to subscribe through kindle.

As of this point I've read about 200 articles for free because I'm still using the free test offers. It took me awhile to even try it because I was so against the I'm a convert...I realized they are cheaper per month than 1 cup of coffee.

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