Greeting Card Designers Sing For Apple: Funny Video

On Saturday we held our art licensing anniversary party in Berkeley, California. Over the next few weeks I'll be posting interviews and a presentation by Ginger McCleskey, a card sales rep, who spoke about trends, and the future of the card industry (below in green sweater).

Recently, I was thrilled to learn that Apple Computer is opening a new store in Berkeley, near our meeting. At the party, we made a video to celebrate that fact. It is the Christmas song "Apple Store is Coming to Town."

(1 minute)

Why the big deal about Apple? Most designers work on Macs as the industry standard, and graphic design software works better on Macs. I also continue to have excellent customer service when I walk into an Apple store with tech problems. Now, even die-hard PC users are coming around and deciding they are tired of the Blue Screen of Death.

But on a more serious note, I remember the day of the '89 San Francisco earthquake, when my neighbor came home from working at the San Francisco Chronicle, and she told me the only way they got the newspaper out that day was to put it on a Mac.

Today, publishing a newspaper on a Mac might sound like no-big-deal, but then, the general attitude was: Macs were toys and businesses used PC's.

At that time, the San Francisco Chronicle was something we could rely on, since telephones, TV, and radio stations were down, and a lot of communication came to a halt. Freeways collapsed, the Bay Bridge was closed, bus service was limited and people couldn't get home.

So when I think of Apple Computer, I don't just think of laptops and ipods. I also think about how my neighbor was stunned that this "toy" had published the newspaper in the middle of a crisis.


Jeff Hardy said...

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Steve Haskamp said...

The "Apple Store is Coming to Town" song was terrific!

Seymour said...

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