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Here's an interesting article and excerpt by Freelance Review blog on books they like. To read entire article, go to their blog site.

The New Big Book of Layouts

The New Big Book of Layouts“The New Big Book of Layouts” includes techniques that can be used to enhance any layout design – be it in print or online. With more than 750 layouts featured in a robust visual gallery with detailed descriptive information and design analyses, this book provides a thorough look at what goes into today’s most effective layout designs and how designers and design students can improve their work.

Design Diaries

Design Diaries: Creative Process in Graphic DesignPractical book for graphic designers. Looks at the essential elements of the creative process through a series of in-depth studies of a range of real-life graphic design projects from the art direction of a magazine issue and the development of a logo, to the design of a poster, a font and a signage system. In each case, the designers are interviewed and their working process documented in detail.


Threadless: Ten Years of T-shirts from the World’s Most Inspiring Online Design CommunityThreadless tells the extremely interesting story that inspired Inc. magazine to hail as “the most innovative small company in America.” There are also profiles of individual designers and “think pieces” from influential admirers, including design guru John Maeda, Jeff Howe of Wired, and bestselling business/marketing writer Seth Godin.

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