Greetings etc Magazine Supports Independent Artists

Throughout my 15 years in the card business, I have witnessed how Greetings etc magazine, (a trade publication for the greeting card industry), has always supported independent artists and card designers in their publication and online newsletter.

When I first started designing cards, and was just trying to break into the industry, I didn't know how to get exposure for my designs. I couldn't afford a booth at the New York Stationery show, so on a whim, I sent some samples to Greetings etc. magazine, and to my surprise they featured them!

As a beginner, I was so surprised and grateful, and because of the feature, I received hundreds of inquiries from retail stores all over the country, who wanted to know more about my designs.

From my experience, when they feature new products they review all card publishers equally, no matter how small or how large the company.

But don't think just by mailing a sample to a publication, you will automatically be featured. If you are are just starting out, take a look at these important tips for how to present your product professionally to an editor. -Kate

Here is a recent feature that Greetings etc. did for one of my magnets.

Kate Harper's humorous "office quote" designs have just been released on magnets by Leanin' Tree. These magnets bring a laugh into the workplace by using such statements as "A cubicle is just a padded cell with a desk inside," and "When opportunity knocks, don't be the one who says: 'can somebody get that?'"
Kate's personal favorite is "I actually gave up being a hippie for this" commenting, "I can see this magnet getting a laugh at every baby boomer work station, and on every break room fridge. I am especially impressed at the color quality Leanin' Tree does on replicating my mod hues." Another magnet reads: "Need a vacation? Pretend you’re in Italy. Drive fast with a cappuccino in your hand." Kate comments "With this quote, we get the idea that even if we aren’t on vacation now, we can at least pretend we are, and it's OK to be ridiculous!"
The magnets retail for $3.95. For more information, visit

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RossiCards said...

Thanks for the tip! I make my own cards too but not by hand. Mostly, I incorporate my photos into my designs and have them printed by Zazzle.

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