Free Art Licensing Directory

What is the Art Licensing Directory?
The Art Licensing Directory Project is a list of artist's submission guidelines for companies that license art for gifts, greeting cards and houseware products.

How do I access it?
Go to Art Licensing Directory

Who Created it?
This directory was created by over a hundred artists who volunteered to share their resources. See the list of contributing "Art Angels" at the end of the directory.

How can I "Share the Love"?
On the directory page, leave a comment, a resource link, or thank one of the "art angel" contributors directly by recommending a company to them.

Do you also have a list of Art Agents who might represent me?
No, but Joan Beiriger has one on her blog.

BOOKS For Art Licensing

These are books I own and recommend. Some may be out of print, but used copies may be available. Check link.

Licensing Art and Design

Good for learning about how licensing works.

2011 Artist's and Graphic Designer's Market

Annual listings of greeting card publishers and agents who license art.

Start with a Scan

One of a kind book that tells you how to transform your art into a scan and what to do with it from there.

You Can Write Your Own Greeting Cards

Clear guidelines on how to write card sentiments professionally.

Design Your Own Repeat Patterns

Simple book on learning repeats.

Twentieth-Century Pattern Design

Great book for inspiration and creative approaches to designing patterns.

How to Design a "Wow!" Trade Show Booth Without Spending a Fortune

Simple tips for your first tradeshow booth.

How to Break into Product Design

Overview of product design in all industries.

Licensing Art 101

Good beginners guide on the art licensing business.

Complete Guide to Greeting Card Design and Illustration

Great Book on understanding the greeting card profession and how to develop a style.

Build a Better Trade Show Image

Professional recommendations for doing a tradeshow. Advice to take before you attempt one.

Mary Engelbreit: The Art And The Artist

Amazing story of how Mary ended up doing licensing.

Principles of Pattern Design

Good info on pattern design


Imagery on Fabric

Basic info on putting images onto fabric.

Graphic Artist's Guild Handbook of Pricing

Yearly updated guidelines for pricing for people in art careers.

Finding the Right Words

One of many basic books of this series that tells you how to add words products, cards, etc.

Designing a Digital Portfolio

Shows you how to put a digital portfolio together for the modern era.


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