5 Tips When Writing Website Content

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1. Cut the Sugar Coating Out

If you’re prone to writing sentences with a lot of adjectives, adverbs, metaphors, idioms, and all that it’s time to cut it out. Research has shown that you’re given only a couple of seconds to catch a person’s attention before they decide to skip, scroll down, scan, and leave your website. Prevent this from happening to you by writing content using words even your mother can understand.

2. Maximize your Bullets, Numbering, and Subsections

Your content needs to be easy to digest because lengthy paragraphs can overwhelm your readers. You can achieve this by formatting your content with bullets, numbering, and subsections. If you have a paragraph that’s too long to swallow, cut it up properly and see if you can insert a bulleted or numbered list.

3. Place your Media in the Right Areas

place your media in the right areas

This usually depends on your personal preferences so establish a style when inserting media into your content. Do you prefer the photo to be centered above the corresponding paragraph or right beside it? Do you find it more effective to place a video clip or will a quotation do? Knowing how to place your media in the right areas of your content will bring in a lot of benefits, one of which is a stream of engaged readers.

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