Collection of Inspirational Design Books

Here's an interesting article from blog on design books. They have a list of books they like. Here's an excerpt: Read entire article...

By Callum Chapman | Published July 19th, 2010 in Inspiration, Resources

Sure, there are hundreds of great resources to seek inspiration on the web, but it is never quite the same of holding a book in your hands and getting to flick through the pages. This collection of inspirational design books features a handful of categories, from illustration to t-shirts, infographics to letterpress products and much more in between! It’s time to splash some cash and start growing your graphic design library!

Made and Sold: Toys, T-Shirts Prints, Zines and Other Stuff

500 of the cutest and most exciting graphic products over 90 practitioners from around the world, including books, magazines and zines, toys, posters, princes, canvases, fonts, typographic 3D products, clothing and plenty of accessories.

Papercraft: Design and Art with Paper

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