150 Useful Resources for Illustrators

Escape from Illustration Island Blog has yet another wonderful resource. Check out the 150 Resources for Illustrators.

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Last year, I shared “68 Useful and Inspiring Illustration Resources” here at Escape from Illustration Island, which compiled all the resource list posts that had been previously published to make things easier to find. Since then, I’ve been actively seeking out more valuable resources, so an update is long overdue.

Here is a list of 150 incredibly useful online resources for both professional and aspiring Illustrators. There’s plenty here to keep you busy for a while.

Also be sure to check the comments sections of the posts, as many of your fellow Illustrators have shared links to resources that I might have missed.

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1 comment :

jane said...

thanks for the link, it is a really useful list as i am trying to establish myself as a freelance illustrator, and have been a bit unsure of where to start.

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