120 Ways for Artists to Build an Online Presence

A MUST READ by Moshe Mikanovsky. 

He continues to update this great resource!  Check it out.  Here's an excerpt:

Ocean Mist

Any artist who wants to establish some online presence has gone through some of these questions:
  • How do I build my own website? Do I really need one?
  • Should I have a dedicated site? a Blog? or just photos on some photo-sharing website?
  • How can I sell my art online? It needs to be safe, and I need to accept credit card, and handle shipping, and what else?
  • How will anyone find me? There are so many artists out there…
  • I am not technical person, I am an artists, so can I really do it?
  • How much all of this will cost me?
There are many answers to these questions, specific for each individual. But the bottom line in today’s world is that “if you are not there, you don’t really exist”, where there is the Internet. So, how do you do it? There are many resources out there, and it could be quite overwhelming. In this post I wanted to list many of the already existing sites that artists can use to build their online presence. In more places they are, better their chances to be found, as simple as that.

Artists Online Communities (Social Networking sites geared for artists)

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