Working with Photoshop Text

Joan Beiriger gives a great overview of how to use Photoshop fonts and how you can manipulate text in a variety of ways. A must-know for anyone designing greeting cards.


In Photoshop you can easily adjust the font size, orientation, sharpness, alignment, color, and numerous warps by selecting the text and using the controls in the text options bar (under the menu bar at the top of the window).

But the characteristics of a front (spacing between characters, spacing between lines of text, etc.) are dependent on how the font was created.

Also some fonts are created with only one style while others may have several such as italic, and bold. For instance, the font Apple Chancery has only one style while the font Times includes regular, italic, bold, and bold italic styles.

But what do you do when you really like a particular font and it does not have the bold or italic style that you need? Or what do you do if you would like to change some of the characteristics of the font such as the spacing between characters?

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