Art Licensing Class this Friday, San Clemente

I've always liked all the priceless art licensing information that Maria Brophy has offered on her blog , so I wanted to let people know about a class she is teaching this Friday. What a deal for only $10!

Maria Brophy is teaching a class called: ART LICENSING 101, and is being held Friday from 6-7:30 at San Clemente Arts in San Clemente, CA. Their website for details and registration is Cost is $10.00!

ART LICENSING 101: Artists can earn money over and over again from the same images through art licensing. It’s what I call “working smarter, not harder.” In this lecture, I cover the basics of art licensing, how it works, how to get ready for it, resources, and realistically what you can expect to gain, earn and get from licensing your art. I’m bringing the last 3 years of our profit loss reports to show exactly how much money we’ve made from licensing Drew Brophy’s art!

Maria Brophy, is CEO of Son of the Sea, Inc., Marketing & Licensing Drew Brophy Properties and also has a blog that helps creative people design the career.

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Maria Brophy said...

Kate, thank you for posting this! I appreciate it greatly. BTW, I've added your website to my handouts on the sheet titled "Helpful blogs and reading" for licensing!

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