Brainstorming Ideas

Need Creative ideas? Take a walk and explore.
Take pictures of things that inspire you or make you smile.

Here's some street art in my neighborhood.

Welder artist puts sculpture in her front yard.

The bird house maker down the street decorates his truck.

Old tree stump becomes a spontaneous add-anything sculpture.


tjustleft said...

It's nice to see things like this around the neighborhood. We used to have a yard full of dinosaur skeletons my dad and I made. Our kids loved it at first. Later they got nervous when people kept stopping and taking pictures.

Joan Beiriger said...

I guess I'll have to move to Berkeley so that I can get great art inspiration like you do. The closest the I get in my neighborhood is a TPed house (toilet papered), graffiti concrete drainage ditches, or flamingo-ed lawn. Sigh!

Susan Kuchinskas said...

How cool to acknowledge local artists. For some of us, hyper-local is our byword -- as in, no gallery shows, no publications, just the front yard. But hey. Glad someone is paying attention.

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