Trend Report from the Stationery Show Floor

by "Roving Reporter" and creative consultant Jeannene Langford

The Stationery show this year is all on one floor again. This includes the Supply Side and Surtex too. It seemed to be well attended today even with the wonderful weather, street fairs and I think an Aids walk that was making traffic here a bit crazy.

Here are pictures of some of the "best of show". These were submitted by manufacturers as "new product" they were introducing at the show.

Trends that seemed predominate were:
  • Tranquil turquoise paired with lipstick red or lime green.
  • Purple of course and it had a classic look when paired with neutrals.
  • Black and white sometimes paired with red or orchid.
  • Brights = feel good purchase.
  • Personal connections = personalized product.
  • is again filtering down to even more product.
  • Economic trends = less eating out more home based parties on reusable and disposable product.
  • Girls night in instead of out.
  • Teens setting trends that are edgy and snarky. Many lines of cards have digital icons and or snarkasim and over the edge text that is borderline on being offensive.
  • Eco/green is everywhere. People like having more of a choice and reaching for alternative products.
  • Cupcakes and food in general.
  • Romance of france fleur de lis, eiffel tower, scrolls.
  • Butterflies.
  • Retro revival pinup girls, peace and love.
  • Monsters/dinosaurs for kids.
  • Owls are still around.

Sample products from the show floor

A special thanks to Jeannene Langford for sending this information direct from the stationery show floor.
Jeannene Langford is a Creative Consultant, partnering with businesses to provide art & design, creative direction, and innovative product development. Some of her clients have included Current Inc., Inkadinkado, SuzyZoo, Disney, and Hershey's.


kristin said...

Thanks for noting us! We're having a great time at the show!

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reanne said...

you missed some great stuff
I loved the paper flower rivival from magnif- remember the tissue flowers we used to make- it is back- I am making some as we speak- Will be selling the kits for sure.
And the new art frames from Lily For Hangables- hand formed containers, frames, and vases, all in new colors and patterns, and one of my Fav- the new Kathi Quinn Ink- first time this year- graphic artist with a line that customers can customize for as little as $8 for 10 folded note cards in a clear container (wholesale)-they can choose any character, any hair, skin, eyes, and clothes- to reflect them self. all the items can match- even things like Irish Dancer Icon, Jewish Star with Girl or Boy, and lots of other special nitch stuff.
Well that is what I liked at the show any way.

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