Trade Show Nightmares

Mike Harnett wrote a humorous piece on funny things that happen at tradeshows. Here's an excerpt:

Bring an umbrella
It was ungodly hot in the Rosemont Convention Center during the ACCI show one summer. The air conditioners in the ceiling were really working hard, and one malfunctioned. Suddenly gallons of water poured out of the ceiling onto a ribbon exhibitor’s booth.When it rains on you inside the convention center, it’s time to go home.

Bring a hard hat
Eventually the INRG cross stitch show moved into the new convention center in Charlotte. A janitor told me when the center first opened there were two conventions, one on each floor. The show on the second floor was for one of those direct-sale companies, such as May Kay Cosmetics. Apparently at one point it became a huge pep rally with hundreds (thousands?) of women jumping up and down. When that happened, the ceiling tiles on the first floor began raining down on the attendees.

Bring boots
Just in case this happens again: I heard about a sewer backing up in an aisle at a trade show, spillage raw sewage onto the show floor.

Bring your putter
The final few old Ben Franklin shows were slow. Really slow. So slow that bored exhibitors created a miniature golf course in the aisles. I never heard who won the tournament.

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