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Just discovered these free webinars by Office Depot called the "Web Cafe". They all sounds interesting to me. What I like about these, is they have a free archive of past seminars, unlike most organizations who tend to charge a fee for past episodes.

If anyone has any opinions or experience with them, leave a comment.

Maximizing Your Social Networking

Tuesday, January 26th at 4pm ET.

  • What you need to know about marketing your business and connecting to your customers through the social networks
  • Take your current social networking to a new level
  • Leverage what you're already doing on-line
  • Create a fan base to further promote your business
  • Tips on what works and what doesn't, when it comes to Twitter, Blogs, FaceBook, etc.

10 Marketing Ideas for Under $100

February 2nd

  • Make relationships count
  • Be creative on a dime
  • How to create a memorable experience for your customer that exceeds their expectations
  • What is an effective communication plan for your clients that keeps you visible, consistent and pleasantly persistent in the marketplace

Organize Your Small Business, Save Time & Money

February 9th

  • Get back to business! Get your finances in order for 2010 & be ready for tax time.
  • Learn how to save time & money managing your business
  • Gain insights on where your business is most profitable

Free Archives
Marketing on a Shoestring Replay Webcast
Social Marketing Success Replay Webcast
Building Strong Customer Relationships Replay Webcast

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