Do you have a Tag Line for your business?

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Your tag line or business slogan should tell people what you do in about 5 words, and it should also be the subtitle of your website.

I asked artists on linkedin to send me their tag lines and here are some examples of how artists added taglines to their business:
  • Sarah J. Aubry -"Simplicity is Key"
  • Channelside Advertising & Design spells things out. "Concept to Completion".
  • Bobby Baker-Graphic Content Design "Artistic Discretion is Advised".
  • Scott Bain 'strategic. creative. inspiring.'
  • Lisa Youngdahl- "because your company's image is not a do-it-yourself project."
  • Jamie Berger-Cranky Pressman "The old letterpress printer getting it done online."
  • Tara Reed-For manufacturers "The art you need. The service you deserve."
  • Katherine Bjork-"Solutions made simple."
  • John Wantz-"Brand Behind Brands."
  • Ronald Davis-Writer, 'upfromsumdirt'
  • JS Graphics, Inc.'s focus is small business-"Crafted Communications for Small & Emerging Companies"
  • Bad Feather Inc. - a boutique print and web design shop. 'We're Only Getting Badder"

What's YOUR tagline? Leave comment below.


samdobrow said...

Sam Dobrow
"visual-verbal commentary from Sam Dobrow"

Terri Conrad said...

Hi Kate,

Our ® mark is "Warm Your Heart & Home" and, yes, on our blog and web site we incorporate the tag.

Great topic of discussion.

Terri Conrad
Terri Conrad Designs

Nina Jones said...

charismatic stationery

Mark Armstrong said...

Great topic for a post, Kate, thanks. My business motto is:

"Client first, client second, ego distant third."

Cheers, Mark

Anonymous said...

This isn't my own, but I saw a designer with the title

and whenever anyone asked her what that meant, she told them
"Making Stuff Up"

KiniArt Studios - Kim Niles said...

KiniArt Studios... The next best thing to puppy kisses!

Jim Meserve said...

At Next Day Art, we are an art licensing agency representing artists for licensing opportunities in all product categories and our slogan is:

"Bringing Great Art to Life"

Allyn said...

Thanks for sharing. These are great! I've been using "Art for Kids & the Kid in You" on & off on promos & stickers on product packaging. Never had on my site Not sure it's that original, but do like the sound of it :)
Will have to check sites of my favorite tag lines ;D

Elvira said...

For my graphic design company...Visual Xplosion, my tag line is:

"Creating Design Solutions for Your Industry"

roobiblue said...

"from concept through completion"

Cherish Flieder, Art Licensing said...

Hi Kate,
Wonderful topic. It is fun to see what everyone is doing out there.

Our Something to Cherish art brand has the tagline:

"Transform your next collection into 'Something to Cherish'".

Anita said...

Great blog :)

My tag line is:-
'Send a card, brighten someone's day'
(C)Send a flower card

Sue Duda said...

Kate, Due to your post, I came up a tag line and added it to my blog.

"Where COLORS bring ZEST and ZING!"

Thanks for the inspiration!
As always,
Sue Duda

Kate Harper said...

I love all these new taglines! I'm glad artists take this seriously. It is serious. We need to help people understand what we do in a very few words.

I had a web design instructor say once "Design a website like the person visiting it has to go to the bathroom! You may only have their attention for 1 second. Keep them interested. Explain what you do in a sentence. Why are YOU different?"

Debbie — Center of the [brain]Storm said...

I thought I loved my tagline, but looking around, it's too highbrow! I'll find the "spark" and not giving up ... just refocusing.

It has been: One Purple Poppy : Capricious Ephemera (Life's Ephemera; Your Event Ephemera) gosh i almost just fell asleep ... seeing these others has really inspired me to throw this round in the garbage.

THANKS to everyone who had a great post!

Also, KATE, if you haven't read "orbiting the giant hairball" you should add it to you book list and read it ASAP! it's a very very inspirational book about the "corporate" aspect of the greeting card business.

Joan Beiriger said...

Hi Kate, I love everyone's tag lines. What a collection! Mine is "art for products."

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