35 Basic Tutorials to get started in Photoshop

Here are 5. Go to the Six Revisions blog article to see the rest...

1. Getting Started with Photoshop

Getting Started with Photoshop

If you’ve never had any experience with Photoshop, this tutorial from SitePoint will get you up to speed with Photoshop’s basic features.

2. Adobe Photoshop Interface Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop Interface Tutorial - screen shot.

This tutorial outlines Photoshop CS2’s interface. Even if you use an earlier or later version of Photoshop, this tutorial is still helpful in familiarizing yourself with how Photoshop – in general – is laid out.

3. You Suck at Photoshop (series)

You Suck at Photoshop - screen shot.

This wildly popular and humorous screencast on Photoshop techniques by (probably) fictional character Donnie Hoyle is an excellent Photoshop series to follow if you like laughing and learning at the same time!

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