Have a cat? you'll love this.

It's not a card--but is great comic art. It makes me realize how artists bring joy to our lives.
90 seconds long. (turn on computer volume)


Greeting Card Book Commentary

Free Art Licensing Teleconference Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Tara Reed is Interviewing Paul Brent, one of the top licensors in the nation. Go to website for more information.

Audio Interview: Getting into the Greeting Card Writing Market

I was happy to be invited to do an audio interview with Irene Watson and Victor R. Volkman who produce "Author's Access," a show on Internet Voices Radio for writers and authors. The show is broadcast live Thursday evenings and can also heard by podcast or online.

Interview Topics Covered:
  • Card trends: research, seasonal cards, occasional cards
  • Subject areas and categories to focus on.
  • Test marketing your cards and card verse.
  • Seven most common mistake card writers will make
  • Why competition is vastly over-estimated
I don't claim to be a card writing "expert" by any means, since so much depends on a publisher's guidelines and how the writer applies their skills. But I do believe the greeting card industry is a bit like the "Wild West" in the sense that you can create your own opportunities.

If you ask any successful card artist or writer how they got into this business, they will have a unique and interesting story, since there are no real hard rules you have to follow, and you don't have to have a college degree. And if someone tries to make a universal declaration about "the way things are," in the greeting card industry, someone else seems to come along, break all those rules, and succeed. That's why this career is so exciting and creative.

Listen to interview online.

Also see Booklet 7 Mistakes Greeting Card Writers Make (20-pages) by Kate Harper © 2010