Card Submissions Wanted for Publication

Sarah Schwartz, the editor at Stationery Trends Magazine is asking for submissions for their January issue that will feature new products. Deadline October 19th.

Themes wanted: Embossing, birdcages, carnival, circus, wood-block, postcards, Fuchsias, Coming of Age, Kid Products, white on white, and organizational items. 15 word description, 300 dpi, minimum 4" wide jpg. Maximum 2 images per message.

Submission Form and Guidelines: Download this PDF.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information, please check out This is an innovative line that is taking off by leaps and bounds--it infuses messages, beautiful graphics and the "innovation" is the Moment of Health and Wellness found on the back of each card.

Thanks! Read what customers are saying on the website---simply great!

Bea Weidner said...

Hi, It's such a disappointment when things are so far out of date. I would like to have been included.

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