25 Tweets about Art, Business & Social Media

Barney Davey was nice enough to give me permission to reprint this resourceful list he put together. It made me feel like I just stumbled upon a great yard sale with all kinds of neat things!

  1. "Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just show up for work" - Chuck Close http://ow.ly/l0bt
  2. Thieves snatch Wyland art worth $700,000 from gallery ~ Didn't realize anything he made carried that value http://ow.ly/ozFb
  3. Artists - Read & heed ~ Sexy Isn’t Easy: Being a Career Artist http://ow.ly/ozSI
  4. Art as business as art http://ow.ly/ozJ9
  5. Social Networks & Blogs 4th Most Popular Online Activity. Facebook is ahead of personal email! http://ow.ly/od1Z
  6. Selling Art on the Internet: 3 Things You MUST Have to Sell Art on the Web http://ow.ly/nZOS
  7. How to market yourself as a speaker http://ow.ly/o61U
  8. Jasper Johns: Gray at the METROPOLITAN MUSEUM From - http://ow.ly/o5YN
  9. RT @NancyMcCarter: Why we need art education in school: http://bit.ly/8FXHO
  10. 10 SEO Tips For Maximizing Facebook Visibility http://ow.ly/neM7
  11. Want to rank high in searches? 10 things NOT to do http://ow.ly/mtHD
  12. TEN MYTHS ABOUT ARTISTS #4: Artists Are Not Business People http://ow.ly/moiD
  13. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Artists ~ @makingamark2 hits the mark http://ow.ly/lBuC
  14. Joan Beiriger's free videos on art licensing http://ow.ly/lvRx
  15. 'Ringling Will Be the Preeminent Art and Design College Worldwide...hmmm, quite a boast with some validity. http://ow.ly/lyS2
  16. The Best Online Art Galleries, Auctions, and Stores of 2009 from escapeintolife.com http://ow.ly/lvJu
  17. ARTISTIC LICENSE: How to be a more prolific artist ~ some practical advice here http://ow.ly/lvGT
  18. Surviving and Thriving as an Artist ~ wrap your head around this thinking. He's onto something. http://ow.ly/lrGq
  19. Printmaking grows in popularity as artwork Style thrives in economic times http://ow.ly/lrea
  20. You already knew Santa Fe was one of the best art towns. Here's another reason to love it. http://bit.ly/QIEya
  21. Good stuff @clintavo 12 Steps to Get Your Artwork Noticed by Galleries http://ow.ly/lkh5
  22. Creative Art Marketing Idea - Bookmarks ~ this is a nifty idea! http://ow.ly/l0bB
  23. Does an Artist Really Need An Agent? http://ow.ly/l09l
  24. WorkBar Opens as Boston's Newest Contemporary Art Gallery ~ I like this idea for mobile workers and artists! http://ow.ly/lrnh
  25. EBSQ Spotlight on Hand-pulled Traditional Printmaking: Paul Helm http://ow.ly/kSiW

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