Branding 101 for Artists

Really great article on why it's important to create a brand, if only to clarify what you are trying to communicate through your art.

Here's an excerpt:

An artist’s “brand” is not just a label, a logo, or a signature—instead, it is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can have. What do I mean? Read on.

What is branding, exactly?

Your brand is what you’re known for. Good branding is the act of becoming known for something that you do, above any other competitor. As an individual artist it is very likely that you don’t have an established brand like large companies do—which means if you want to gain customers, you must create a brand of your own.

Your brand, however, should not be focused on you. It should be focused on attracting customers. My brand is “Artwork that Begs to Be Touched” which immediately says something unique, and connects with potential buyers more than just a logo.

Some brand phrases are too generic, too vague to set you apart. You can call yourself the “Best western artist in America” but so what? Who compared you to whom? Does that even connect with potential buyers?

On the other hand, if you guarantee your western art by saying, “My brand is burned onto every painting,” then that’s something tangible for people to remember. You’re the artist who uses a branding iron to sign your work. Now that would certainly set you apart from the herd!

Here’s another stand-out brand: “The artist who provides a lifetime guarantee.” Also, “Art made from 100% recycled materials.” Both of these brands speak directly to the customers’ interests while setting you up as different from the norm.

Article Continued...

(photo: My "Kid Quotes" card line in Target)

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