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The first time I ran across Sara Henry's designs, I fell in love with them. She has a simple elegance with a wonderful mix of vibrant colors. I asked Sara about her designs, and to offer tips for artists who are trying to market their work.

FAVORITES (at the moment)
-Artist: Salvadore Dali
-Design book: Art Quilts A Celebration
-Blog: Kris’s Stripes
-Company you like working with: Wine Things Unlimited, Sonoma Ca.
-Your favorite "Art Vacation": I love taking classes and would like to find a printmaking workshop in an exotic location.

-Contact information:


-What critical events happened in your life, that helped you reach your success today?
After working with a few agents, a friend's husband, who licenses big brands worldwide ( Via Speggia, xoxo, Golds Gym) , saw my artwork at the Surtex Show in New York. That evening he said to me, you can do this don’t need an agent. He offered his help ...I took it....he gave me the confidence and the push I needed. The rest is history!

-In your art life, what inspires you?
Just about anything can give me an idea. Take for example the Dandelion series, I was walking the dog and came across dill weed. That was it. Traveling provides huge inspiration. Turkey and Africa, are the most recent. I painted a collection using red wine and tea as the medium after visiting a winery in Cape Town South Africa.

-What is the message you want to communicate through your designs?
I want people to feel energized and be happy. I want then to enjoy my varied techniques and fun colors.

-What's the most successful experience you've ever had, when trying to market your designs?
My Asian Chic Collage was licensed in 5 different categories. The fabric license ended up with 2 sub licenses for fabric and the men’s aloha shirt was featured in the Smithsonian Catalog. Basically marketing is finding various avenues of advertising and getting your name out there...MOST importantly don’t get discouraged!

-What's the worst experience you've ever had, when trying to market your designs?
Actually, it was my fault because I didn’t ask for anything upfront. I was worked to death before I finally had my trademark attorney write a letter to end the deal. Knit picky people who don’t really know what they want drive me crazy. It is a waste of time for both of us.

-What's a tip you can offer other artists on how to avoid wasting time or money when marketing designs?
Sometimes I still spin my wheels. It comes with the territory. Knowing the right show to do, when to call it quits etc, and always ask for an upfront fee...

-If money were no object, what is the next step you'd take to live your art fantasy?
Keep traveling the world!!!!


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