Editorial Message: Handmade Cards

It is not always necessary to put words on the inside of a handmade card. People don't expect hand-crafted cards to have words on the inside and since most of the cards are packaged in cellophane bags, most customers will not open them to see if there is a message on the inside. You can save yourself money by not printing on the inside. If you do have words on the inside of a packaged card, you should post the message such as “inside message reads: Happy Birthday” on the outside of the card. You wouldn't want the customer to buy your card for an anniversary and then find out later it was a birthday card.

Making specialty items, such as wedding cards or invitations need words. The artist can pay to have the inside printed or they could glue an insert into the inside of each card. By gluing an insert, the artist can keep a standard stock of cards on hand at all times, and personalize each one as orders came in.

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