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Imagine what the customers response will be when they read your verse. Are they going to laugh, agree, be shocked or empathize? Imagine you sent this card to a friend or relative. The more personal a card comes across, the more people are going to relate to it. Try to express things that people feel and want to communicate, but they don't have the confidence to do it themselves. Write emotional messages in a lighthearted way.

Oddly enough grammar may be an obstacle. Conversational language is more meaningful. For instance, most people prefer the word "who" instead of the word "whom.”

Try to grab the customer with a short sentence or combination of a few words. Sometimes hand-crafted cards have a simple print with words scribbled loosely under it. For example, they may have an abstract of a mother and child and handwritten underneath it, is the words "Mother and Child." This card could be used for mother's day, new baby, or depending on the colors, even Christmas. Other key words might be themes such as "Peace'", "Thanks", "The Dancer", "New Beginnings", "Home", "Friendship".

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