List of Top Companies who Purchase Art

License! report includes lists 125 companies that do art licensing. There is contact information, primary business, licenses held and competitive point of difference for each company. The list is presented alphabetically by category and is not a ranking by sales or perception, but a resource guide of the top licensees across major merchandise categories.

Here is a sample of a listing:
STATIONERY American Greetings Jaye Lewis, trade media relations
1 American Road, Cleveland, OH 44144 Tel.: 216 252-7300
SAMPLING OF LICENSES: Classic Holly Hobbie, Holly and Friends, Twisted Whiskers, Pretty Freekin' Scary, Maryoku Yummy, Mad Balls, Poppies and Tinpo. PRIMARY BUSINESS: Corporate AG (creation, manufacture and distribution of social expression products); AGP Brands (consumer products and entertainment).

POINT OF DIFFERENTIATION: American Greetings celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2006, and is one of the world's largest manufacturers of social expression products. Along with greeting cards, its product lines include gift wrap, party goods, stationery, calendars, ornaments and electronic greetings. American Greetings Properties has established a large portfolio of in-house-created licensed characters and brands. American Greetings services approximately 70,000 retail stores in the United States and 125,000 worldwide. Its Carlton Retail division is the largest owned and operated chain of card and gift shops in North America, with approximately 500 stores in the United States and Canada. American Greetings generates annual net sales of more than $2 billion. Distribution: Global.


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