Cards of the Year Awards

Every year the Greeting Card Association chooses a "Card of the Year."
Here are some winners for the last several years.

2008 Tam Tam Design Studio:
Sweet Birthday Wishes, All for You.

2007 Jumping Cracker Beans:
Let's get together if you have the thyme.

2006 Great Arrow:
Happy Valentine's Day

2005 Meri Meri

2004 Up with Paper:
Happy Birthday

2003 Meri Meri: Wedding

2002 Marcel Schurman:
Happy Birthday Glamour Girl!

2001 Postcards from the Moon

1999 Origami Arquitetura

1998 Great Arrow Graphics
(upside down) Happy Halloween

1997 Silk Spiral Designs:
Get Well Soon

1994 Santoro Graphics

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