Greeting Card Award Winner Interview

What it's like to win the Louie Greeting Card Award

There's nothing more important in the greeting card business than winning a "Louie" Award, the academy awards for greeting cards. The annual Louie competition, which is sponsored by the Greeting Card Association, is open to all greeting card publishers, and each year the competition receives hundreds and hundreds of entries from all over the world.

This year, the National Stationery show was certainly more exciting for Mary Beth Cryan than shows in past. This year she won a Louie Award for her seasonal card she designed for the Museum of Modern Art.

I asked her what it was like. She said:

"The Museum of Modern Art nominated two cards that I conceptualized, illustrated, and engineered for them. When I found out that both of the cards were finalists for the Louie Award, I decided to book a ticket to the Award Gala.

The night of the award ceremony was very exciting. It was at Capitale which is a beautiful, historic, repurposed bank. The food was great and I had some very nice conversation with my table mates before the awards were announced.

My categories were among the last announced which was a bit torturous. As they presented my category a large picture of my card and the competition's graced the large screen above the presenters. As they announced the winner, time stood still. It sounded like, "And the winner is The MMMMMMMMMMUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSEEEEEEEUUUUUM of Modern Art". That was my card!

The spotlights swirled around and stopped on my table. I stood up as everyone clapped. It was a very exciting moment. One I will not forget. After the rest of the awards were announced I collected my Louie, and it is now sitting in a prominent spot in my living room. It is wonderful to be recognized for my hard work in the field. I am so thankful to the MoMA and the greeting card industry for appreciating my work."

Go Mary Beth! An inspiration to us all.

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