Cards: What to Write About

So what is the best way to create greeting card verse? Imagine yourself sitting at the kitchen table across from you best. Ask: What kinds of things do we care about? What is crazy but funny about the world we live in today? Grocery store lines, day care, politics or jobs can all be strong topics to write about.

Research as shown that the text on a card is the most important factor customers consider when purchasing a card, the price and art are secondary.

Just like reaching across your kitchen table to hold a friend's hand, writing greeting card verse is the same. The only difference is that you are reaching across the world and touching complete strangers with your words.

Inspiration, love, hope, sympathy and gratitude expressed on cards, come from the heartfelt words of a writer, an important person in the greeting card business.
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Booklet on 7 Mistakes Greeting Card Writers Make A list of 7 things to avoid when submitting greeting card verse to publishers.

Includes a list of card publishers and their guidelines, links to writer interviews, articles, card samples and other current resources. 20-page booklet and 2,300 words and 8 Pages of Card Samples.

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