Embroidery Kit Fit for a Royal Wedding

On Fridays, I like to display samples of my products. Here is a sample embroidery Kit by Dimensions Crafts.

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Beginning As Freelancer – Self Employed Professional

Article Worth Reading. Here is an excerpt. To read complete article go to original blog post.Beginning As Freelancer – Self Employed Professional

At the very outset we should bear in mind that freelancer is designation given to self-employed. Surprising of all is the indication on internet that daily hundreds of human beings step in to the valley of freelancer vocation, and not at all complicated until you have endowment to put forward and refrain from outlook.

However, writers, artists and photographer are mostly engaged in this job round the clock. Infect it all depends on your flair irrespective of reason that you are working in above faculties and you can easily become a freelancer.

The passion is a prime factor for selection because you must be zealous for being successful in field you are engaged as a mechanic, doctor and a legal practitioner as well or working as sales representative or agent. Sometimes, you get it while in home. Money wise you will avail from it to the extent you plan. Above all is universally given idea that if you will concentrate upon it you will become victorious.

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Licensing Art for Electronic Devices : Artist Interview

I asked Megan Duncanson to talk about her experience of licensing for high tech products. She was kind enough to offer her insights in this interview. Megan is an inspiration because not only is her design style unique, but she is 100% self taught artist. -Kate

Question: You are an artist that licenses your designs for high tech products. Can you list the type of tech-related products your art is on.

Megan: I license my art to DecalGirl.com for Vinyl skins for electronic devices, it dresses up any device imaginable and allows your personality to show through. A Vinyl skin is a thick sticker-like material that can be applied to phones, laptops, e-readers, game boxes, you name it! I also license my art for Custom made bags/cases for kindles, laptops, cameras, Ipads and phone gadget cases

Question: How would you describe your art style and what do you try to communicate with your designs?

Megan: My art can be described as “Sophisticated Whimsy”, it’s all about having fun and bringing a smile to someone, I create art that’s both fun, but can compliment any style of décor from traditional, contemporary to eclectic.

Question: What gave you the idea to pursue tech products, as a place for your art?

Megan: Decal Girl with the vinyl skins was one of the first companies I contacted about licensing. I know that Technology is one of, if not THE fastest growing market, everyone has a smartphone, ipad, etc. and they want to dress them up and make them more personal. We use them so much it’s nice to have them look cool too!

Question: How do you think designing for a tech product is different than a typical gift product? Should artists design differently for these types of products?

Megan: I don’t think there’s a need to specifically design something separate for tech products, all of the designs I have on the tech products are also licensed to home décor companies and gift products as well. You might have to do some modifications to the images to have them fit the sizes and styles of the products, but the designs themselves can translate across tech to gift/décor licenses as well.

Question: A lot of artists don't like the idea of licensing to online manufacturers that sell direct to consumers (versus retail stores). What is your feeling about this?

Megan: I personally like the idea of licensing to online manufacturers, and in fact the majority of my licensing partners either only sell direct to the consumer or they do both the retail and wholesale side of the company. The reason I like this idea is because so many brick and mortar companies are going out of business, or they are switching their focus over to online sales. And a lot more consumers are going online to make their purchases, especially for tech products because these people tend to be more in touch with the internet and the opportunities to find great prices and unique items online.

Question: What other high tech products would you like to license your art on?

Megan: I’m working on trying to license my art for wallpapers, screensavers, Smartphone themes/apps and more options that tech users can personalize their personal tech devices with.

Megan Aroon Duncanson, MADART, Inc.
meganduncanson (at) yahoo.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/madartgallery


Items Licensed: vinyl skins, bags, purses, window blinds, wall tile murals, metal wall art, cross-stitch patterns, tea bags, prints, headwraps and bandanas and greeting cards.

Background: I’m 100% self-taught, I’ve never taken an art class other than in high school. I have a very creatively talented family and feel blessed that I inherited this creativity.

Favorite Design book or publication: Artists and Graphic Designers Handbook

Favorite Conference or show, and why: Surtex or CHA (haven’t been there yet, but it’s next on my list!) Both of these shows allow the artist to meet face to face with manufacturers specifically looking to license art on their products.

Favorite Design tip that saved you a lot time: Pattern creating with photoshop via Tara Reed’s tutorial (http://artlicensinginfo.com/)

Technology You Use: Scanner, Canon EOS 20D digital Camera, Epson Giclee printer, Several Laptops.

The one tech device you couldn't live without: My laptop, if I’m ever gone for more than a day, it goes with me, my LIFE is on my computer! Of course I do have it backed up several different places, online and physical hard drives

Companies you wish you could work with: Oopsy Daisy for kids, Ceadco , Evergreen Enterprises, Bed Bath and Beyond and anyone else who would like to license my art :D

Message or quotation you have on your bulletin board: “Life is what we make of it, not what it makes of us”

Website you visit often for Design information: Joan Beriger, She always has THE best tutorials to apply for art licensing: http://joanbeiriger.blogspot.com/2011/03/photoshop-tip-creating-textured.html

Blogs you read:
TMF (The Middle Finger Project - http://www.themiddlefingerproject.org/ )
Art licensing Info (http://artlicensingblog.com/ )
Kate Harper (http://kateharperblog.blogspot.com/ )
Joan beriger (http://joanbeiriger.blogspot.com/ )

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Photoshop Tip: Easy to Create Motifs for Art Collections

Check out this article on Joan Beiriger's Art Licensing Blog. This is only an excerpt...to read entire article go to her blog post.

Flowers and geometric shapes are great motifs to embellish backgrounds and patterns in art collections. And it is easy and fast to create them in Photoshop by using the transform tool to do a continual repeat and rotate of a simple shape. The examples in this tutorial shows how to take a simple oval shape and create different looking flower motifs. By using this same technique, an endless number of geometrics motifs and looks can be easily created for art collections.

Motif A:
Step 1: On a new layer create an oval by using the elliptical marquee too to start creating a flower.
Step 2. Select a color in the foreground color swatch (at bottom of tool bar) and fill it by using the bucket tool. This example uses the color black.
Step 3. Select the Free Transform command by pressing the Command key plus the T key on the keyboard. A bounding box appears that surrounds the oval (not shown in example). A center marker (circle with a dot in the center surrounded by four tick marks) is in the center of the oval. Note: The red dot on the oval in the example represents the center marker. The oval will be duplicated and rotated around the center marker.

article continued...to read entire article go to her blog post.