Do you make "mail art?"

Mail Art is a process where strangers (or friends) mail each other their handmade art on the back of a postcard. Often it is done around a specific theme.  Here are some more examples from my blog mail art gallery. 

Also check out Kim's etsy store (example below) for some really great mail art.

Mixed Media ALTERED ART  POSTCARD Weird Feeling


Free Alternatives to Photoshop

It appears that Adobe is going down the path of charging a subscription for their software (instead of an artist being able to buy it outright). So you never really "own" the software.  You are merely renting it. 

If you are like me, you are not a fan of subscriptions.  I believe you should be able to resell it or give it away when you are finished with it, as long as you follow the licensing guidelines. 

Here are 10 free alternatives on the Gizmodo website.  Read about them here: http://gizmodo.com/5974500/10-photoshop-alternatives-that-are-totally-free