Greeting Card Statistics

• Most American households purchase 35 greeting cards each year.

• The average American receives 20 cards, of which one third are birthday cards.

• Women purchase more than 80% of all greeting cards.

• Of the total greeting cards purchased annually, roughly half are seasonal, and the remaining half are for everyday card-sending occasions.

• Christmas is the most popular card-sending holiday; sales of Christmas cards account for over 60% of all seasonal card purchases.

• Sales of Valentine’s Day cards (the next most popular seasonal occasion) account for 25% of seasonal card sales.

• Birthday cards account for 60% of the sales volume of everyday card purchases, with anniversary cards following at a distant 8%.

• There are over 2,000 greeting card publishers in America, ranging from small family businesses to major corporations, many of which license designs from freelance artists. (stats: Greeting Card Association)

(photo: Kate Harper Designs)


Anonymous said...

Are you seeing a drop in sales since this recession? 2010

Drew said...

would the other 32% of everyday card purchases include baby showers, weddings, thank yous, feel betters and so on? I imagine a good number of these occasions have quite small percentages if the 2nd largest is anniversaries at 8%

Kate Harper said...

Drew-correct. Thank you's are probably the top after Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate We Have A Big Void...one of distant hearts. Honor our troops with same theme art.
Focus too on...their family, sons, daughters, Mom & Dads. I'm accomplished. Nobody goes there. I did 23 years Retired as a Chief Engineman. As for my Cartooning...it paves itself in my path of life, I share it with ALL I meet.