Get Feedback on Your Cards -- For Artists!

Here are a list of resources to get help with your card business and get feedback on your designs.

Peer to Peer Feedback

If you just want to get feedback from other supportive artists, you can ask advice from members of our private facebook group. In order to be approved for this group, you must have a facebook account (free), your facebook page must be accessible for review (to make sure you are an artist or professional in the card business).

Professional Consultants in the Gift Industry

I recommend the the following professional consultants that I have worked with or personally know. 
Most consultants can meet by video and telephone.

Ginger McCleskey:  She is a greeting card sales rep who helps artists who produce or print their own cards.  

Carolyn Edlund: She works with card designers to understand the industry, create a collection, pricing, and learn sales strategies.

Cheryl Phelps: She teaches classes and helps artists who want to put together a portfolio for licensing.  

Ronnie Walter helps artists who want to license their cards to publishers.  She has worked as an art licensing agent and has designed hundreds of cards and gifts.

J'net Smith: She offers courses, consulting, coaching and agenting for artists who want to license their work.

Linda Mariano:  She helps artists who want to license and develop a brand.

Articles to Read:
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