New! A Communty of Card Designers (and Writers)!


Hi Everyone!

I've been writing this blog since May 2007 (wow!)

Since many of you are card designers, I think it would be beneficial if I shift our communications from a me-to-you format (blog) to a Community format (allows us all to talk to each other). 

This is a great way to learn skills, network, access resources, get news from a variety of talented people in the industry, and three moderators.

Therefore, I have set up a private community group on Facebook, called Greeting Card Designer.

Want to find a printer? Get feedback on your art? Meet other designers? Have a laugh? Join here, introduce yourself, and post a picture of your studio!




15 Top Design Skills in Highest Demand

This is an interesting graphic with a large sample of almost 29,000 job postings.  Photoshop wins by a large margin.  I thought for sure web site design would be the tops.


Christmas Card Submission Deadline December 1st

Have a Christmas card you'd like to submit?  Do it this week to be included in our contest.  See submission guidelines here: GUIDELINES