Are Greeting Card Apps the Future?

Check out this article on Techcrunch  I've been seeing a lot of companies buying and selling greeting card app software rights in the news lately.  In fact I even license cards to an app maker.  

What do you think the future is?

Mobile Greeting Cards App Red Stamp Acquired By The Occasions Group

Minneapolis-based Red Stamp, a social commerce company best known for its mobile greeting cards app which competes with the likes of Apple’s Cards app, Sincerely, and Shutterfly’s Treat, among others, has been acquired by Taylor Corporation affiliate The Occasions Group.  The Occasions Group President Mike Provenzano explains in a release that Red Stamp “brings a top-notch mobile experience that will blend well with our long-standing experience and offerings in the printed social stationery and communications arena.”


The company also referred to Red Stamp as a “top 1% Lifestyle App,” but even though it pushed up to spot #1 in June, and has sometimes been featured in the top 20, the app has usually been ranking in the top 100′s or 200′s in recent months. (Yesterday it was #229 in the U.S., e.g., per App Annie). The app offers over 1,000 greeting cards, invites, announcements, and more which you can edit and send from your phone, making it one of the most comprehensive mobile cards apps on the market. Cards are mailed for you for $0.49-$1.99, which also makes it something of a no-brainer for those of us whose penmanship has long since suffered from lack of regular handwriting in our day-to-day lives.

Red Stamp recently scored a deal with Starbucks, which let users pick from a specialized collection of cards in order to thank their Starbucks barista for doing a good job. Those cards would then be mailed the local Starbucks store.

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