What 5 things do you want to accomplish this year?

I can't make or keep New Year's resolutions very often, but what I can do the "Rule of 5" I learned once in a vegetarian cooking class.

The teacher told us: "Most people eat the same 5 meals over and over again-- so if you want to cook and eat healthy foods -- just find 5 meals you really like, and don't worry about trying to create new recipes or changing your eating habits dramatically."

I found that very easy to do, perhaps because I don't enjoy cooking that much.  Keeping things simple works.  I think it's better to have 5 small goal that one big elusive one.

I've always remembered that "rule of 5" for setting realistic goals in my work life and personal life.  But I've also found it helpful to look at the past accomplishments and acknowledge them.

It's so easy for years to fly by and you might wonder if you are heading in the right direction.  One way to answer that question is to look at what has already happened last year.  Are there 5 things you are glad you did or learned? Did you move closer to or away from your life purpose?  Or perhaps you haven't even sat down to ask the question.