My Favorite Card of the Year: From the Sewer Repairman!

We had our sewer line repaired by a local business called "Pipe Spy." They sent us this great New Year's card.  Their design is exciting, playful and humorous.

Front of Card

I love this contradiction of a man in a tuxedo -- because you don't expect him to be carrying a wrench!  It makes you want to open up the card to understand what this image means.  The colors are so simple yet effective.

Inside Card

Note the bolt in the martini.  
The Inside has reflective silver ink.  
The font has a grunge effect as if it was hand-stamped -- by a spy of course.

Back of Card

Their logo and theme is a wonderful concept.  
They make sewer repair feel mysterious, with a dash of "underground" intrigue!

This card was made with a high quality, classic crest, heavy weight recycled paper. 

Their marketing materials are a great way to approach dealing with what could be an unpleasantly sounding business.This is one the best examples I've ever seen of a business that uses greeting cards to market their service. 

Also, having the blue Pipe Spy truck parked in front of the house is more fun and eye-catching that "Joe the plumber" or "Roto-rooter!" 



How to Enjoy the Season

This card by Hiromitsu Yokata is a good visual representation of a magical Christmas.  It brings us into a dreamlike world and lets us imagine what is possible.

Artist Information:

Hiromitsu Yokata represented by LeJarie Noguchi
323 742-1005