Halloween Cards by Wendy Wood

Here are some cute handmade Halloween cards submitted by Wendy Wood.  Check out her other cool Halloween cards on ETSY.

I think she has done a great job at making Halloween feel playful, and receiving one of these cards would indeed be special.

My only suggestion: I'm thinking she could easily raise her $3.50 price point, but perhaps in this "scary" economy she'll develop a fan club.  I'd also like to see her picture on her etsy page.  Who is this fun artist behind the art?

Do you have any additional comments for Wendy?




Mixing Halloween with the Nightly News

Just got the yard decorated for Halloween.  Just like greeting cards, humor is best when the timing is right with current events.


Unusual Halloween Card - Revelle Taillon

This Halloween card by Revelle Taillon is very interesting.  I haven't seen anything quite like it.  A little mix of nostalgia, Edgar Allan Poe feeling and graphic textures. I particularly like the colors, even though they are not traditional Halloween colors.  A publisher might request the colors be changed, but would you change them if it was your card?

Revelle Taillon
Taillon Design

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