Photoshop CS6: The best just got better

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New Text Tool

Adobe paid more attention towards text editing, for instance, CS6 comes with text and paragraph formatting capabilities. Also, it added a new (Type) menu choice and typography workspace option. What’s more, CS6 offers the capability to blend alphabets in the same document, for example English with Japanese or Hebrew, maybe Russian or even Arabic!


The JDI-“Just Do It” feature is responsible for all the small features that does not require a massive amount of development time or effort but does make a significant effect on the images you are working on. The CS6 comes packed with no fewer than layer involved 65 JDIs. Some of the JDIs include a new menu option which allows you to delete a layer effect rather than disabling it, dither options to Layer Styles for Gradient Overlay and Gradient Stroke, and bicubic sharper & bicubic smoother options when free transforming layers.


Artists, illustrators, and typographers, also get their share of new a la mode tools. The first change that artists will love is the most-requested feature, the dotted and dashed lines. CS6 offers these lines with lots of control; they can be simply added from the Stroke Option box with any object selected. Everything now could be customized when using this feature. For instance, you can change the length, thickness and color of both the dashes and even fill the dashes or the dots using the gradient.
Shapes now offer more flexibility as Photoshop lets you copy shape attributes, such as the fill pattern, and paste them to multiple objects. Additionally, you can now add new shapes without the need of creating more layers. More control over the vector is now offered along with raster shape manipulation, such as alignment.

Content Aware Move

One of the most fabulous new tools the Adobe has introduced with the all new Photoshop CS6 is the Content-Aware Move. What’s magnificent about this tool is the fact that while preserving the background, this tool allows you to select an object and move it in. Additionally, it lets you place multiple instances of an object onto a background. Worth mentioning, that this tool works best with consistent background textures like grass, sand, or sky.

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