Mechanics Are Artists Too.

You might wonder why you haven't seen a post on this blog for the last 11 days -- well, I've been in Indiana with family.

One thing I learned from being there is that mechanics are artists too.

My uncle Tom Allis built this specialty truck that tows semi-trailers (when they break down). He took an old Walmart truck and cut it in half and added a towing attachment.  I call that creative! 

Notice the mix of red and green colors in these pictures.  Using images like this can be a great way to personalize a holiday card. You can print the picture and add your own text, or you could design a card with an open blank space where someone else can add their own photo.

(Bennett's Garage and Towing Inc , Earl Park, Indiana)
Photo Credit: Peter Mui


Unknown said...

Adorable photo!

Carolyn Edlund said...

Kate, I think you need to run a contest with these photos - best caption wins!!

Kate Harper said...

Yes Carolyn! What a great idea!

Unknown said...

you look like the perfect elf! how fun to see the creativity in trucks and indiana!!

Patti said...

Love these pics!