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Over 300 Valentine cards submitted for the "Most Unusual Valentine" according to guidelines. One winner and three finalists were chosen by Kathy Krassner based on: something that's not typical for a Valentine card, yet gets the message across in a unique way by design and verse. Also considered was unique artwork, unexpected juxtapositions between design and verse, something very funny or very touching, and designs that evoke an emotional response. Kate Harper chose additional "honorable mentions" she felt had interesting design concepts and messages.

JUDGE: Kathy Krassner

Kathy Krassner is the owner of Krassner Communications, a longtime stationery-industry veteran who currently serves as Director of Communications for the Greeting Card Association, Editor-at-Large of Gifts & Decorative Accessories magazine, and Communications Consultant for the National Stationery Show.


Some of Me Cards

Kathy Krassner Comments:
I appreciated the simple yet imaginative design of this card, which effectively combines white space, clever embellishments and heartfelt versing to create an unusual Valentine's Day card that can be purchased by either a man or woman for February 14th and beyond.

Front Message Reads: "You Make My Heart Race"


Runner Up
True Emotions

Kathy Krassner Comments:
This card's flirty cover image featuring bright touches of color perfectly complements its handwritten-looking, upbeat message: "Valentine's Day... let's make it an everyday affair."

Runner Up
M Design Studio, Inc.

Kathy Krassner Comments:
"This card conveys a hip, urban feel with its bright-red, graffiti-like "love rocks" message that pops against an ink-splattered background, and is likely to appeal to a broad demographic of consumers."

Runner Up
Scarlett Greetings, Karen Coombes

Kathy Krassner Comments:
This "unvalentine" offers a humorous "happy singles awareness day" greeting paired with a cute, paper-collage skunk that's sure to bring a smile to many faces on Valentine's Day.


Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
Unique Colors and Textures

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
It is from pets who appear to run the household.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
The hearts spill over the edges and simple line drawn character expresses much emotion.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
Humor is edgy and from the pet's point of view about the challenges of relationships.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
Elegant and witty design. Eco-friendly feeling.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
Witty visual concept of shooting an arrow into a maze to reach a heart.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
Playful concept of nudity. Brilliant colors go beyond the traditional Valentine colors.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
Techie humor and it could be for a man or woman.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
Uses contemporary graphics to make a heart tree. Tree limb designs are interesting.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
Front of card appears to be a "what's going on here?" puzzle, until you open and read the inside message.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
It's very difficult to design a emotional card with just the color black and one tiny dot of red.
This artist has succeeded at doing that.
Nice warm words and wonderful image of birds at dinner.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
Visually stunning. Words express image clearly.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
A new twist on a greeting card. Sender could include a real key in envelope or possibly a gift.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
Brilliant colors reflect jungle romance. Monkeys tails hint at an incomplete heart.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
Strong immediate feeling of happiness and love. No words needed.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
The use of children images for an adult card.
Inspiring for people who want to be reminded of their own childhood playfulness.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
Panda is symbolic of affection.
This artist brings their own humor into the concept, using Valentine's Day as a historical event.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
Design goes beyond the traditional Valentine's day card
by using key elements of a strong color cutting through the top and bottom half of the card.
Simply drawn cat evokes a warm emotion. This is a challenge to do in line drawing.
Whimsy is also added by painting a blue head on the cat.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
Contemporary theme timely to environmental issues of global warming.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
Pushing the envelope of humor.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
Uses contradiction with affection.
Who would ever think of hugging a cactus? This critter is expressing true love.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
Victorian elements in this card are mixed with textures and shadows of words in the background.
Even though there is very little color on the card, the message is still strong.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
For the most part it is a traditional valentine, but having it come from a pet makes it fun and playful.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
Strong design using positive and negative space.

Kate's Comment on why it is unusual:
Minimalist contemporary.
Nice mix of an innocent background pattern meeting with a bold animal.
It feels like it is in motion, entering and invading the card space.


ilovecuttables said...

Cool selections! Congrats to all the winners, and especially to my fellow artists at GreetingCardUniverse.com (I saw several!) :D


Denise Beverly said...

Thank you for choosing my Victorian Swallows design in honorable mentions. I realized too late that I had not sent the inside verse. I will pay closer attention if I get the chance to enter in a future contest. Thank you again.

Denise Beverly said...

I should have added congratulations as well to all who we chosen. It is so nice to be part of this artist world and have the ability to share on the internet. What a talented bunch there is.

Judy Orcutt said...

Excellent choices-a wide variety of themes

Christine Lehto said...

Congrats to all of the winners! Very interesting selection of cards.

Cindy LaColla said...

I am so excited you picked my tons card for an honorable mention! Kate, I read all of your blog posts and ebooks. It is such an honor to be chosen by you. Thanks for the great exposure. Congrats to all the artists! These cards are amazing.

linda said...

congrats to the winners and everyone - funny cards!

Wendy Matthews said...

Wow!! Lovely cards and i learnt a lot by reading the comments on each. Congrats to all the artists :)


Thank you for the Honorable Mention and the nicew rods on our heart of grass design! We are glad to be included in this wonderful selection!

Natalie Timmons said...

Great selection! The singles card is a great idea - I know a few singles who who would heartily agree. The porcupine and the cactus card does it for me. It has a touch of the unexpected with a sappy, adorable feeling that I love so much! Congratulations to all!

artistretreat said...

GREAT job, Kate, nice to come upon fellow artist from GCU...

Anonymous said...

Great collection indeed.Congrats to all winners

Marilee Harrald-Pilz said...

Thanks for choosing my penguin "I only have ice for you" card as an honorable mention! Congratulations to all the winners. Great concepts!

Ann Green said...

~Congratulations to one and all!~

To the Winners and honorable mentions: Congrats!

To all those who may have been a little nervous but seized the opportunity and submitted as well..bravo!

Anonymous said...

Great cards, well done to all who won! Some fab ideas here.

jody-claire said...

Congratulation to all winners.
Great cards

Kate Harper said...

Yes Natalie -- I had the same reaction to the cactus/porcupine. Two prickly's fall in love.

Marina Mircheva said...

Congratulation to all!!! Kate, thank you very much for choosing my
" I give you my heart" card as an honorable mention!



Debra Cooper said...

Congratulations to everyone! It's so great to see so many different ideas. Kate, thank you for the honorable mention, it's a great boost of confidence. I certainly appreciate the effort you put forth for creating this fun event and I love reading your blog.

Mike W said...

Kate and Kathy--
A very LOVE-ly and creative selection
Oh, and thanks for the honorable mention

Amy - Smitten Kitten said...

What an amazing selection! Thank you Kate for the Honorable Mention :)

Graphic Designer said...

Wow! how the the beautiful these are.

brochure printing said...

I am so excited with your pick and your idea is very great. We are glad to be included in this wonderful selection.