Halloween meets Earthquakes

Well it's been a scary week, so putting Halloween decorations in the front yard seems appropriate.

We are having multiple earthquakes at all hours of the day here in Berkeley, the most recent one happened at 5:30 this morning. Local officials have warned us for years that we are way overdue for a huge earthquake and most of us have a stash of survival supplies in our backyards.

Earthquakes are a continual reminder to ask "what really matters to me?"

While I can philosophize about the answer to that question on a calm day, life becomes raw reality in the middle of an earthquake.

As an artist, some of us may have thousands of designs stored on our computers, and even though I have online backup storage, I still found myself grabbing my laptop and running out the front door with it, which made me realize how much of our life is on the computer (and how heavy a laptop becomes when you run with it).

What about you? What is the first thing you would grab on the way out the door?

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