New "Card Towel"

On Fridays, I like to display samples of my products. Here is a sample "card towel (towel that you can send as a greeting card) by Fiddler's Elbow.

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Can you guess what this is?

Here is another "Can you Guess What this is" #3 post. The point of this, is to look beyond an object and try to see design in everything you come in contact with.

The first person who leaves a comment below with the correct answer will get a free ebook "7 Mistakes Greeting Card Writers Make."


Creative and Inspiring Workplaces

Article Worth Checking out:

Our workplace can change the way we think, affect our mood and inspire our imagination. Here, I have brought together a collection of creative and inspiring workplaces. article continued...Creative and Inspiring Workplaces

10C3 Creative and Inspiring Workplaces

11E3 Creative and Inspiring Workplaces

article continued...Creative and Inspiring Workplaces