Card By Amber Lotus

On Fridays, I sometimes like to display samples of products I've designed.
Here is a sample from a new card line just released from Amber Lotus Publishing called "Bright Spots."


The Future of Children's Book Publishing

A must read article/video for Children's book artists by Scott McLeod at "Big Think" blog.

He has samples of 21 books that glimpse the future of what children's interactive book publishing will be. Here are few examples:


Are You Ready for the Paperless Revolution?

With ereaders, tablets and smart phones, we are now in the middle of a major technological transition from paper to digital, and as greeting card designers, we need to look at what's happening. Rather than limiting your definition of what a greeting card is, which is paper and art, think about what it does: It communicates a message between 2 people.

Let's be aware of video #1 and avoid being like video #2 (promised to make you laugh). On the other end of the spectrum, one sales rep told me that while the traditional greeting card publishers are losing marketshare to e-devices, the indie handmade card artist business is increasing. What is your experience? (leave comments)

1. Social Media Revolution (a must-see)

Did You Know:
-95% of companies who use social media use LinkedIn to find employees?
-1 out of 8 couples married in the U.S. last year met via social media?
-If Facebook were a country it would be the world’s 3rd largest?
-Kindle books outsold paperbacks on Christmas?

2. Someone trying to help a paper scroll reader convert to reading a paper book. For a laugh : )