Android Apps for Artists

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The Android marketplace offers a great range of both free and paid Android apps. But, what makes the difference? Are your existing apps proficient enough for a designer? What are you expecting from an app for Graphic Designers? If such questions are bubbling up in your mind, read on!

When you search for an Android App, it is often better to check out the user ratings and reviews so that you can reach a conclusion easily. Here are some of the best Android Apps that cater to your interests around Graphic Design and Art.

Color Pal (Free App)

Unbeatable Android Apps for Graphics Designers

Confused about choosing color palette? Color Pal is one of the best apps available in the Android market and a true color palette tool for your device. You can readily expand the palette options by selecting a specific color on the palette. Different color values like RGB, Hexadecimal and CMYK are conveniently and perfectly located below each color.


  • The color palettes can be easily saved to your favorites or you can email it to your client or friend.
  • Easy swipe through features to check out related palettes.

Photobucket Mobile (Free App)

Unbeatable Android Apps for Graphics Designers

You can take your Photobucket everywhere with your Android smartphone by accessing your Photobucket account using the Photobucket Mobile apps. It is perhaps the necessity of every Web Developer or Graphic Designer to access their accounts so that capture, download or upload photos with ease.


  • Manage Photobucket albums and can browse different categories.
  • Can copy URL links of images from your account and post on web. This Android app is completely free to download and use.

Adobe Photoshop Express (Free App)

Unbeatable Android Apps for Graphics Designers

Looking for the best photo edit app? You can toggle the exposure or contrast of your photo or you can quickly crop out the out of focus details from your photo using the Photoshop Express app. It comes with well-packed image processing functions so that you can enjoy the benefits of Photoshop from your android device. While comparing to its desktop counterpart, it showcases limited functionality but, offers basic functions of the standard Photoshop software.


  • Color-correct and touch features with just a finger touch.
  • One-touch effects Vignette and Warm vintage. Photoshop Express recharges your Android phone with specialized features. This app is completely free!

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