Working With Leanin' Tree

Susan January, Vice President of Product Management at Leanin' Tree, just sent me these great photos from my card line at the Atlanta Showroom.

Her, along with Mike Rhoda, the product director who worked on this project, along with several other designers in their department have been working on a gift line together for a year, and now it is available!

The line includes 32 cards, 32 magnets, 8 notecards and 6 collectors cards.

Leanin' Tree's New Showroom Display

I really like how they adapted my art to created textured surface design on the inside of the card.

And what fun envelopes!

Unpacking the Samples that arrived at home.


bee'nme said...

Oh...such fun, Kate! These products are wonderful - you all did an outstanding job...and the booth dsiplay looks fantastic! I love seeing all your CUTE samples displayed...very gratifying I know!

Was it difficult to get a foot in the door at Leanin' Tree?

Congrats on a lovely line - best of luck with your sales!

Steve Haskamp said...

Wow, Kate! That is a nice card line! I hope they will all be best sellers : )

Patti said...

This is so Cool Kate!

Betsy said...

Congratulations! What fun cards!

PrittieHartPress said...

How exciting...I'm really happy for you!

Joan Beiriger said...

What an impressive display Kate! Your designs are sure to sell big!!!

Dianne Woods said...

Wow! Leanin' Tree did such a great job with their display of your line. I love this!!!

Karla Dornacher said...

Congrats Kate... love love love the card line and I agree... they should be big sellers! And I LOVE Susan January and Leanin' Tree!! She is a sweetheart... delightful to work with... and the company is stellar when it comes to quality and great design and sales!! Happy for you!