30 Things I Learned in 2010 That Helped my Design Career

I asked artists: "In ten words or less, what did you learn in 2010 that helped you with your design career?" Here are some of the answers:

Find your audience, then make images for yourself. -Lida Enche www.lidaenche.com

There is never enough time. Get it done anyway. -Deb Booth http://www.differentlightstudio.com

Learn photoshop, have enough work in portfolio, be flexible. -Frances Poole

To be a professional artist, one should have a website. -Beth Grove www.bethgrove.com

Ignore yourself sometimes and just "do it." -Belinda Lindhardt

When you have to choose between left and right, go straight. -Danny Naz

Allow self to leave the studio... and the muse appears. ^..^~ Beverly Dyer

Set goals! Create collections, internet presence, network dilgently! Take risks! -Sue Duda http://www.sueduda.com

Recapturing what truly makes an excellent, creative, edgy designer. -Kirsty McDonald www.parkleadesignagency.co.uk

If you are persistent and follow your goal new opportunities arrive. -Jack Tuszynski

Patience. Remain true to my artistic vision and continue evolving. -Gail Green www.sweetpetatoes.com

The answer to every question can be found through networking! -Beverly Hayes

Develop your "elevator speech". Don't be afraid to use it! -Laura Cantu Smith

Find your focus and give it all you've got. -Toni Wall

Open yourself up to the possibilities and opportunities come knocking. -Lisa Fu

Trust your inner Van Gogh; create from the heart. -Shannon Bielke

Less stress leads to more creativity! -Gabriel Morosan http://www.finestreetphotography.com

Persist until you receive an email asking to "unsubscribe."-Tracey Hart

Review, focus, identify and go for it! 2010 has been my best year yet! -Martha Spak

Make your life, creativity & happiness a priority, because no one else will. -xenos mesa http://www.xenosmesa.com/

Open yourself to multiple streams of revenue. -Lindsay Obermeyer www.lbostudio.com

Learn to network and follow up without being sales-y. -Sarah Bush

Don't be your own roadblock. -xenos mesa http://www.xenosmesa.com/

Create what you love for broad usage and appeal & network. -Katie Atkinson

The Business Aspect of having a successful Career as a Artist. -Howard Pearlman

Improved my digital skills! -beatrice trezevant

Work from your heart and be tenacious. -Barbara Johansen Newman

Research, network, communicate, follow-up, respond, never give up. -Tim Read

Keep moving forward! NO "What if " -or- "But I can't" -Miki Berman www.mikibermandesign.com

I switched my Lynda account to a Think Vitamin account. -Will Kesling

Do not waste your time. -Jack Tuszynski

Get Some Sleep! -Dianne Woods




Happy New Year!

Love all these ideas, thanks for sharing!



PrittieHartPress said...

Great insights! Thanks, Kate, and to everyone who shared their experiences.

Beverly Dyer said...

This is a list to print and hang in our studios.

Anonymous said...

These are great advices. Thank you for posting this.
Have a wonderful New Year.