10 Things I learned at the CHA show

Some licensing artists consider the CHA (Craft Hobby Association) show an inexpensive alternative to the surtex show. Here is a great post on CHA at J.Good's Blog. She talks about her experience at the show and what tips artists should know.

Here's an excerpt:

I went to the show having no idea what to expect nor much of an idea of how to prepare or what I should be doing while there. I spoke to a few people ahead of time to get a rough idea of what would happen, but really, nothing beats the experience of being there first hand. Here are a few of the things I learned from the show that I think I can carry with me regardless of which show I might attend in the future. Also, I picked up on information and insight that I think will carry me through working in this industry in general.

Put together a press kit
You do not need to be an exhibiting artist to submit a press kit. You only need to be attending the show as a designer. I didn’t know this ahead of time. So the night before the show opened I made an quick display to hold some postcards I brought. There’s also a press kit contest, yet another opportunity to show off your creative genius...Read Complete Article...

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