Greeting Card Quiz: How much do you know about the industry?

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Here are some things I've learned in all my years working in the greeting card industry. Can you guess the answers? -by Kate Harper

1. What did the Greeting Card Association advocate for, that happened in 2007?

2. What is an A-7 and why does it matter?

3. What card publisher uses wind-generated power for its museum?

4. The Louie greeting card awards are named after Louis _____who?

5. What famous card designer didn't go to art school or learn how to paint?

6. Why do retail stores prefer vertical designs?

7. What is the term often used by greeting card sales reps, that refers to a card line sample set?

8. What card event happens in New York in May?

9. Meryl Hooker, a top selling card rep in DC, created something called "Road Rage" that's available to everyone. What is it?

10. David Ellis Dickerson recently published a memoir about being a greeting card writer at Hallmark. What is the name of this book?

If you managed to guess all these answers correctly,
then you are an official greeting card industry nerd!
If you guessed half of them, you're still an expert.

Link to References

#1 Greeting Card Association Advocacy
#3 Wind Power Company

#8 It happens in May
#9 Road Rage
#10 Memoir/Amazon.com

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