How Poets Can Write Greeting Card Verse

I ran across an article on how a poet can learn to write greeting card verse.


Even for a poet, writing a creative and unique verse can be an intimidating and frustrating experience. If you are new to writing verse, an easy method to approach composing a unique greeting card text is as follows:

1. Outline the points you want to address and some images or memories you might want to use, for

example, if you are writing about your granddaughter you might want to incorporate how you felt when you shared a special time with her.

2. Decide what kind of tone you want to use, for example, upbeat, energizing, somber or forceful. The tone will help you choose the words to use, for example, you can invoke a somber tone with round sounds, like in the words fall, hair or cloud. Whereas an upbeat verse might use words like hike, ignite or excite.

3. Do a free write; just write your thoughts without worrying about word choice or structure, to get your ideas out.

4. Look over your free write and check for a rhythm, images, metaphors or analogies that you can use to structure your verse. Circle common phases that you can change and words that do not really reflect what you want to say.


Books on Writing Card Sentiments ~

You Can Write Greeting Cards This hands-on guide features practical instruction and exercises that teach beginners how to survey the market, find their niche, and write greetings cards that say just the right thing.

A Guide to Greeting Card Writing All forms are discussed in detail: conventional verse and prose, personal relationship cards, humor, juvenile, inspirational, etc. Detailed info on how to submit and sell your work to greeting card markets. All the nuts and bolts of both the creative art and the publishing market.

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The Freelance Writing for Greeting Card Companies This book targets important areas a writer needs to know in regards to being self-employed, as well as, how to own a small greeting card business. It covers Internet to explore the technology which has opened the door for freelance writers and artists. You will find web sites that will offer a variety of freelance writers opportunities never before known or unreachable outside the Internet world such as: chat rooms, bulletin boards, or forums so writers can communicate with other writers. This type of networking is ideal for finding answers or obtaining valuable information about a company, organizations, writing groups, and available resources.

How to Write and Sell Greeting Cards, Bumper Stickers, T-Shirts and Other Fun Stuff A successful freelancer shares her years of experience and advice in writing for the "social expression market".

Thinking of You: A Card Greeting for Every Occasion This little books helps to jump start your thinking to make messages for cards.

Finding the Right Words: Perfect Phrases to Personalize Your Greeting Cards More than three dozen ways to say "Happy Birthday” for new family members...even pets. Includes thoughtful condolences for personalizing sympathy cards and congratulatory wishes for weddings and anniversaries. There are helpful hints to simplify card-sending and a monthly calendar for birthdays and anniversaries. This is a book of phrases for all occasions.

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Thank you for this information. Although I'm a good writer, I need all the basic information I can acquire still, even after writing a book and many stories published nationally. Reading about how to write things, to me, always gives me a reassuring pat on the back that I'm tackling the projects I do in the right way. I love to read about writing, and write about reading!

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This is such a useful info. I often find myself having a hard time writing my own verses on cards so I end up looking at the web for samples. It's just, i feel guilt about it.